Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imported from Detroit

It was Super Bowl XLV and I watched it @ home. Which team was I voting for? Well, I certainly was voting for Packers as they were the underdogs and they have come a long way this season. Rodgers guided the Packers to three consecutive road victories in the playoffs before Sunday's win over Steelers, he did a splendid job with three TD passes and 304 yards, pulling his team to win the Vince Lombardi trophy and he truly deserves the Super bowl MVP.

More than the game, I was pretty excited to watch the commercials. Due to the very large viewership and the pretty hefty price tag, push for creativity is quite obvious. Like every year, there were a few good ones and there were a lot of hyped up, high productions which didn't really appease me. I performed an exercise of noting down the most interesting commercials that really caught my attention and rated them based on categories. Here are my choices with comments, I also missed watching a few.

My top rating goes to the Volkswagen commercial where the kid in the star wars 'Darth Vader' costume tries to show the force on different things till his dad comes home in a VW Passat. Even though the kid had a mask on his face, his mannerisms were very cute. Coupled with his dad's expression from the kitchen with the remote key, sealed the deal. The kid's face was later unveiled on the 'Today' show with Matt Lauer.

Imported from Detroit - It was good to see the rapper from the 8 Mile - Eminem for this Chrystler 200 commercial. The narrative behind the commercial was very intriguing, it is a true representation of the Motor city and it was perfectly portrayed by Eminem's attitude in the clip. It was also quite refreshing to see one of the American auto makers trying to make a comeback with a luxury line-up. The best part, the tag line - 'Imported from Detroit' was a killer. Of course, I have a soft corner for the city as I lived there for a while. 

Doritos - This is certainly in the funny category, it was absolutely hilarious. Bringing grandpa back to life was a perfect twist to the ending. I would certainly give this the highest rating in the funny category.

Epic ride - Kia Optima: This was undoubtedly a very expensive commercial with a lot of graphics, helicopter and a yacht. There was a certain element of anxiety till the end of the commercial but I would only give it a 3 star.

Budweiser - What's up with them this year? Typically, the Bud light commercials are the best but they either missed the mark this year or I didn't get it. The Budweiser commercial has been airing for a month now with 'To be continued' and the complete one was revealed during the Super bowl. It was certainly not what I expected after all the speculation.

Motorola Xoom - 2: I liked the device more than the commercial, they did a good job building up the surprise element but didn't deliver towards the end on product marketing. It was alright.

There are a few more that were average; I was not too crazy about the career builder ad this year. Usually, they have some nice ones. Coca cola spent way too much money on one of their commercials but the 'Border Patrol' was nice but predictable.

Pepsi max ads I thought were a little cheesy, Mercedes and the P Diddy ad was alright & was good representation of P Diddy.

One thing I realized while rating these commercials that it was dominated by Auto ads, has it always been this way or Is this a comeback of the Auto industry?

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